Here’s why this is the perfect time to ramp up your Social Media efforts!

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a dramatic shift in our digital behavior. It has transformed the way we work, shop, connect, and entertain ourselves. I’ve rounded up 🤚 reasons why this the perfect time to increase your social media effort and why you shouldn’t be slowing down anytime soon

👉 Screen time has shot up by 200%

The number of people using mobile phones has seen a significant spike. GSMA Intelligence reported 5.16 billion unique mobile users at the start of April 2020, meaning that roughly two-thirds of the world’s total population uses a mobile phone today. 

Since the #Stayhome measures were implemented, a number of iPhone users reported being shocked at the rate of which their screen time has increased thanks to the new iOS feature that keeps you informed just how often you are picking up your phone and what apps you’re spending most of your time on!

👉 Users are spending 47% more time-consuming Social Media. 

TikTok has fast become the social media breakout app of the year, especially as the pandemic continues to ensue. The app has now topped the global app download charts, however, it still trails behind Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp when it comes to monthly active users

👉We are now living our best virtual lifestyle, virtual yoga classes, virtual cooking classes, and virtual birthday parties

Zoom-ING is now a VERB! The conferencing app that was primarily reserved to be used in business settings has become the platform of choice for friends and families to connect despite its privacy concerns. In fact, the app reached over 200 million active users, 20 times more than its pre-lockdown numbers!

👉 Messaging apps (WhatsApp & FB Messenger) has increased by 50% from the previous month

Zuckerberg revealed in March that in countries that are hit by the virus the hardest such as Italy, total messaging across Facebook platforms has increased more than 50 percent since February as people scramble to stay connected with loved ones while social distancing!

👉 Challenges on challenges on challenges; producing content is easier than ever with a new viral challenge surfacing almost daily

Seems like the internet isn’t suffering from a shortage of Social Media challenges! Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen people participate in the “Safe hand challenges”, “toilet paper challenges,” and even posting up their re-creations of the South Korean coffee sensation… the Dalgona coffee

This has made it easy for everyone to participate, tag a friend and contribute their own take of these challenges in hopes of riding that trend wave and getting as close to that 15 mins of fame by going viral

All in all, these are strange and uncertain times with no one having a clear view of when things will go back to normal. However, I predict our altered digital behavior to continue on as more people get used to this new way of living and our reliance on staying online continues to strengthen.

So if you need guidance on how to kick to get your Social Media up to par, talk to us and we can get your plan up and running in no time!

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