ASOS Modest Fashion

The Brief

ASOS is a household name and in 17 years they have been extremely successful where they had 14.1m active customers across almost every country in the world in 2017. The brand is a leader in retail for showcasing diverse talent, However, there was one area which they were not clear on how to tackle and that is modest wear.

The brief to Ogilvy Noor in 2018 was to help ASOS step into this space in a way which is credible, exciting and authentic way for the 20 something modest dressing customer, in particular, the Muslim customer (men and women).

My Role

We set out to understand the global landscape and opportunity, by gathering regional insights from the client’s key target markets which included USA, UK, France, Germany, Middle East and South East Asia.

As the MENA lead I lead the team to explore the core target audience within the region which we identified “as Generation M”, young Muslims who believe that faith and the modern world go hand in hand together. They are the originators of the modest fashion market that ASOS wants to engage with.

The Result

Compiling the findings across 7 markets we presented our results to ASOS in the London HQ in a full day workshop in 2018. In April 2019 ASOS launched its own ‘modest’ collection just in time for Ramadan and Eid. The brand also collaborated with American brand Verona Collection, which features items such as long sleeved maxi dresses, loose-fitting tops, oversized shirts and hijabs.

A statement released by ASOS said, “We want fashion to be for everyone, no matter how you choose to dress. Our modest fashion edit is designed to be fashion-first and suitable for customers who choose modest dressing, with items for all occasions to give you the confidence to be whoever you want to be.”

The Engagement

The announcement that the brand was introducing its first EVER Modest collection was received with much excitement and jubilation!

Client: ASOS
Project Type: Strategy and Positioning
Year: 2018
Agency: Ogivy