Brand Week Istanbul

The Brief

As the Regional MENA Lead for Ogilvy Noor, an Islamic consultancy arm of Ogilvy group that specializes in building brands with a Muslim audience in mind. I had the pleasure and opportunity of being invited as a Keynote Speaker at Brand Week Istanbul.

A large-scale event aimed at bringing Turkey’s marketing and communication industry together with the world’s most creative names, concepts, and projects.

My Role

The global Muslim population is set to rise from 1.6 billion to 2.8 billion by 2050, making us the world’s youngest and fastest growing consumer group. Despite this we remain an untapped and under represented audience, even though Muslims are increasingly calling for brands to respond to their needs.


As a keynote speaker, I was asked to make a compelling case to 200 attendees in session on why and how global brands need to cater to this enormous and fast growing demographics. After all 33% of the world’s Muslims are currently under 15 and 66 are under 30 and are taking matters in to their own hands and creating their own brands!

Client: Brand Week Istanbul
Project Type: Social Media Campaign
Year: 2017
Agency: Oglivy